Performer/Choreographer Members

Simone Leffler

[box] Performer [/box]
I am a military brat, born in England and raised all over the United States, and have always found an interest in dance and the arts. While completing my Bachelor’s in Spanish Education at Missouri State, I was able to travel abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009, where I fell in love with the culture, language, and where I first learned how to Salsa dance. Even though it was more just for fun than anything else, dancing, especially Latin dance, became one of my favorite hobbies and I took any opportunity I got to practice it. Over the next couple of years, I lived in London and by chance learned Brazilian Portuguese and the Brazilian dance, Forro. After moving back to Springfield in August 2012 and starting the Master’s program in English/TESOL at Missouri State, I had the opportunity to perform in a Latin dance routine for MSU’s Fall 2012 International Banquet. I became part of the Springfield Dance Alliance this year and will be taking part in the Go-Go Routine for the Spring Recital. My next challenge is to learn the Argentine Tango, which will hopefully be part of the next Latin dance for the Fall 2013 International Banquet at Missouri State.

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