Performer/Choreographer Members

Melissa McGowan

[box] Performer [/box]

Melissa McGowan or better known as Mel-Hessa has been Bellydancing for 12 years. She has been involved in the Springfield Bellydance community for over 5 years! She began her journey with more traditional Middle Eastern dance and then found her way to Improvisational Tribal Style. She danced under the Direction of Zivah Serpentina with Red Moon Tribe, currently she is a very proud member of Phenomenon Dance Company under the Direction of Brittney Banaei.  She loves all styles of dance and takes every opportunity she can to grow and learn dance in all its forms.  She has shared the stage with the likes of Amy Sigil, Ava Fleming, Ariellah, Asharah,  Amy Amore, Marie DeMars, Frank Farinaro and Read my Hips. Most recently she returned from Sacramento where she performed with Unmata at Bloodmoon’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.


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